Sports Bra Review: Brooks Juno


I was looking for a new sports bras with the following requirements: supportive, comes in larger cup sizes (DDD and G), had easy breastfeeding capabilities, comfortable, and not $80.  There’s not many nursing sports bras out there that meet all of these requirements, believe me I researched hard.  

While on my wild goose hunt chase I came across Brooks Running.  It’s a company that makes athletic wear for runners and noticed they offer sports bras!  

My eye was narrowing on the Juno Racerback Wireless Sports Bra because you can release the strap from the cup in front and from the reviews was the most supportive.  The interesting thing is, this bra isn’t marketed as a nursing sports bra, but you can certainly use it as one.  

I normally wear a 30G or a 32DDD depending on the bra.  I like to get the 30G because it’s more snug and lasts longer.  I was sad that their cup sizes only go up to a DDD.  So I thought I would try the 30E (30DDD). 

I received the 30E and couldn’t even fit it over my shoulders, and it was so tight I couldn’t get it off!  Imagine seeing a topless women stuck with a bra over her head and shoulders.  Let’s just say it was a sad and ugly sight.  I needed my husband to help me pry it off of me.  My dignity was gone from that experience.

The second bra I ordered was the 32E or (32DDD) and still, I couldn’t get that damn bra over my shoulders.  Another humiliating rescue from the husband.  

The third time was a charm.  I ordered a 34DD (sister size to the 32DDD) and it fit over my head and shoulders!  Hallelujah, praise the Lord!  

I’ve worn this bra for several weeks when I go to my strength training classes and there’s some things I love and don’t love about this bra.

Here is my Bra Review of the Brooks June Sports Bra:


  • Comes in a good range of sizes 30-40 band sizes and C-E (DDD) cup size.  
  • It’s made for high impact sports, and will prevent you from your boobs hitting you in the face.
  • It’s nursing/breastfeeding friendly!  The straps in the front are velcro so it’s easy to unstick and pull down the cup.  
  • Comes in fun prints and colors.
  • Average price at $60.
  • Molded cup bra, this hides “headlights” and gives a nice shape.
  • For being a wireless bra, I felt like it was really supportive.


  • I had to go up two band sizes to get it to fit because of it being so tight in the band.  I would recommend going up at least one band size.
  • I received a lot of chafing in the armpit area while working out.    
  • This wasn’t the most comfortable sports bra I’ve worn.  As soon as I was done working out, I wanted to take it off.  
  • This sports bra was hard to get on period. With the hooks and eyes in the back made it more difficult. I needed the husband to help me to get me locked down in the back.

I give the Brooks Juno Racerback Sports Bra 2.5 out of 5 stars.  This wasn’t my favorite sports bra for me.  Comfort and ease of putting it on for me is a big deal.  If I need assistance putting it on, I’m going to hate putting it on and will eventually not bother wearing it.   

I like this bra because I can breastfeed in it, it has the molded cups, and is supportive, but think there’s other sports bras out there that are more comfortable.  

I would love to hear your thoughts on this bra and you loved or disliked about it by commenting below! 

*Thanks Brooks Running for providing me with this bra to review.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.