Bosom Besties was created with a desire to be able to help women around the country and world by fixing their dreaded bra problems. Due to the lack of professional and certified fitters, size availability in retail stores, and the Everest amount of misinformation out in the media; Bosom Besties is a place where every woman can get professional bra fitting help from an expert.

Bosom Besties CEO, Courtney Killpack has worked in the bra and lingerie industry for over 12+ years and a leader in bra education and is a certified bra fitting expert.  She owns a bra fitting shop and is a social media influencer encouraging women to love their bodies, selves, and bosoms.  She's passionate about educating women on how bra should and shouldn't fit and believes that a properly fitting bra can change women's lives and help them to gain more love and confidence for themselves and body. 

Courtney has personally fitted thousands of women and collected data from each of them to be able to give the best bra style and brand recommendations for each size, breast shape, and woman!  With her expertise and the help of a team of professionals, Bosom Besties will give you the most personalized and professional bra fitting experience you'll ever experience online.