Hi Besties, if you’re a customer and have enjoyed your experience with our bra sizing calculator, please, please, please, reach out to your favorite companies (tagging us on social media or send them a friendly email) and tell them they should be using our amazing sizing service. We do intimatewear, activewear, swimsuits, and shapewear.


We provide businesses with a Fit Finder service that offers companies a way to add a machine learning sizing calculator to their website.  This calculator will recommend a customized list of products that would best fit each customer’s unique size and shape based on real validated fit data.



Companies today are seeing people trust eCommerce more than ever. Online transactions are expected to grow by almost 20% this year from last year (maybe more from Covid-19) . People are ordering more online but still face many of the same challenges they did 5-10 years ago. Will this product fit, and if it doesn’t can I return it? Companies need help providing and directing their customers to the best product options. If the risk of buying the wrong size is mitigated on the front end, all the cost associated with resolving the issue and returning that items will also decrease.


BB uses thousands of data points that are added to and updated daily from the many brands already categorized. When new products are added, the algorithms will find patterns and similarities between our current database and the newly added product attributes. These connections compare specific characteristics for the best possible fit recommendations.


Our most recent client: Lime Ricki

  • Decreased their customer service inquiries by 71.1%
  • Decreased the customer service handling time by 60%
  • Reduced returns by 4.9%
  • Increased their sales by 13.2%
  • Increased conversion rate 1.36%
  • Increased the average order value by $4.37.

This link directs to the Fit Finder we built for Lime Ricki: